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Phospholipids - is not only a building material for cells. They have the unique ability to remove cholesterol from vessel walls when cholesterol plaques have not yet hardened. In our store is legal steroids by worlds best brands Infiltrating the cholesterol into soft plaque phospholipid molecule attaches a cholesterol molecule to form the complex generally soluble (cholesterol does not dissolve in water) and outputs it from the body. Residents of countries with a high proportion of soy consumption in Japan, China and Korea have low blood levels of cholesterol. Proportion of cardiovascular disease is very low in these countries, and life expectancy is 12% higher than in other countries. More recently, it is believed that the youthful appearance of the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans caused by some genetic features, as well as a higher duration of their life. It is a smart decision to buy legal steroids in our online store. Subsequently, however, it became clear that the people of Japan, China and Korea, who emigrated to Europe and the United States and began to eat similarly to the local population, began to suffer from atherosclerosis, as well as the local population and their life expectancy was even smaller than that of the indigenous Europeans and Americans. It was made quite clear conclusion: a low incidence of atherosclerosis and a higher life expectancy in some countries in Southeast Asia linked to the peculiarities of feeding their populations and with nothing else more.

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In addition to the ability to rid the body of cholesterol, phospholipids have a significant antioxidant effect by inhibiting the formation of highly toxic in the body of free radicals. Oxygen radicals are an unavoidable by-product of oxygen oxidation. It will be right decision for you to buy anabolic steroids in our store Due to its orbit one unpaired electron, they are chemically very aggressive and destroy everything they touch. Free radicals contribute to the formation of age-related diseases and shorten the life of man. Do you check quality certificate, when ,buy legal steroids? Showing aptioksidantnoe (protivoradikalyyue) action phospholipids contribute to the prolongation of human life. Phospholipids have anti-cancer effects, significantly extending the life of the most hopeless patients.

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Soy flour contains as yet little-studied substances - izolektiny . The study izolektinov engaged in several major laboratories around the world, but now one thing is clear: izolektiny - a substance similar in its effect to insulin-like growth factor. Izolektiny have an anabolic effect, increasing the permeability of the cells for glucose and amino acids. We are constantly expanding our assortment of legal steroids. Very interesting data concerning izolektinov were obtained in the US. A large group of patients with ulcers of the stomach and intestines received each day in addition to regular power from 100 to 300 grams of soy flour. Within a month, all patients noted complete scarring ulcers. There was not one person with a negative result. Here we have exactly the case when food is also medicine. Sometimes customers forget about quality guarantee, when buy legal steroids. Anabolic properties of soy flour are widely used in sports practice. On the basis of soy produced a variety of sports nutrition products that contain mostly concentrate or isolate, soy flour.

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